Photoshop retouching and editing

Photoshop is used to support the other applications where images require re-colouring, cropping, cutting out from the background, extending, recreating or just generally modifying. This can also be provided as a stand alone service.

When photographing products for use on data sheets or web sites it's always best to use a studio shot with everything arranged and lit exactly as required. However, where necessary, modifications and corrections can often be made to the image in Photoshop.


Photoshop image rework example

Product photograph adjustments and enhancements

Requires Flash 8 or higher

Creation of web site banner from individual images

Web site banner creation from 6 different photographs. This involved: balancing sea colours (1 - 4); removing another competitor and boat that were prominent in the background (3); leveling the photograph and rasing the horizon to above head height (1); taking the arm and cup from one picture and merging into another (5 - 6); merging all the images into each other (1 - 6). The banner can be seen full size at