Web hosting and domain name registration

Full web hosting and domain name registration/renewal is available for sites created or managed by Technigrafix. To maximise speed and service, fully managed UK based servers are used for UK/European sites and US based servers for US sites. These are fully backed-up, multiply connected and multiply powered, from a company that offers very high levels of service and support. A wide range of services are offered including full email redirection and forwarding.

I have no reason to hide who I use. My web hosting is handled by Clook Internet and has been for a number of years following a review of available UK based web hosting. They are a very professional outfit with great uptime and outstanding technical support. The have an excellent range of facilities  including daily backups and comprehesive anti-virus and anti-spam protection on e-mail. When I'm providing web hosting for clients I need to be in an environment that I know will just work and with the tools available to set things up how I require them. Clook Internet provide this. Should anything go wrong or should I need help setting something up I generally get the first 'real' email response from support within 5 minutes, occasionally it even beats the automated 'Your ticket  is in the system' response. Their responses are friendly and helpful. It is this level of technical support that really makes it for me. They are not the cheapest on the market  and they don't offer unlimited bandwidth or unlimited disk space but the service they provide is outstanding and that enables me to re-sell web hosting at competative rates as my support costs are low. I only re-sell web space for sites I am managing or designing myself but I highly recommend Clook to anyone looking for their own web space, reseller hosting, VPS or dedicated servers. Many people I know who have changed over to Clook breathe a sigh of relief after the ordeals they have had with some of the mass-market hosting companies. I manage the process of switching from other hosting companies to Clook based hosting to make the transition as smooth as possible.